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Ninebot One C+ Tire Inflation Help


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Hello, I have a Ninebot One C+ electric unicycle and its tire has gotten pretty deflated. However, when I attempted to inflate it I could not because the valve on the tire is facing the wrong way. I could not find a way to attach the provided inflation pipe to the valve on the tire.

Please advise.
Included are some photos of the problem:
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The images aren’t showing for me, but I bet you may have ridden on too low of a tire pressure :whistling: causing the inner tube to pull the right angle valve inward resulting with it pointing in the wrong direction now.   You might have to disassemble the wheel, let the air out of the tire, and remove the tire (or try to shift it around the rim a bit while it’s loose) to realign the inner tube.  Sometimes running flat may tear the tube so some Slime or a new one might be required.

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