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Tyre innovation ideas

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I've talked to some people before about different tyre alternatives that would be good for EUCs to avoid punctures, since it is a pain having to fix punctures (fixed on my IPS Lhotz opening it the 1st time to repair the tube, with Slime the 2nd time, with more Slime the 3rd time :lol: ).

Some people argue that there is nothing better than air for shock absorption on a tyre. Both for compression extent and speed to compress/recover.

My question is, why not? Maybe there is something that could be better.

Here some ideas which I don't know if are better or not. Please let's discuss and add your own ideas and discoveries, we may convince the manufacturers to use a better alternative out of this! ;) 

Vittoria Air-Liner Tubeless Insert (for tubeless tyres). I wonder why something like this can't be use on tyres that need a tube, to replace the tube.



Airless tyres with some sort of "spring" system/effect, which sometimes looks very cool:


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