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Ninebot One E+ barely used for sale San Fransisco Bay area

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Hey guys!

So, I'm selling my Ninebot One E+ review unit. It's barely been ridden, so very good condition. Just a couple tiny scratches here and there. $820 is my asking price; not sure what they go for used.

Original box and all the stuff it came with. Purchased through NinebotUS, not sure if the serial number will mean you still get the warranty or not.

I won't be back in the Bay area until after October 4th, so feel free to post or message me if you're interested, just knowing that it'll be a little while til the transaction can take place.


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My son is interested in buying an EU, especially interested in the 9bot. But before he pulls the trigger, it would be great to talk to an experienced rider about safety, learning curve and brands.  There is info on the net, but it would be great to talk by phone to get some more detailed answers.  We are down in San Jose, so the BA group would be interesting too.  If you could message me we could exchange phone numbers (looks like your messaging is turned off). 

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