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Battery Rebuild Ninebot PTR Elite +

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Had been searching for modestly priced rebuilt packs in the US with no success.    Finally ended up doing a pack rebuild on my own.  Found the exact OEM 18650 LG Cells out of Korea for $230USD for the 60 cells.  Pure nickel stripping and cell  holders cost another $30, but was able to reuse the original 15S2P BMS's which both reset nicely. I already had the spot welder. The  "new"  LG cells were from a  2016 mfg batch and equally charged at 3.7Volt  give or take .04

I have been running the pack for six weeks now.  Working like a new pack - of course it almost is new!  

Just here to say that rebuilding a Ninebot battery pack can be done by  "carefully"  following guidance found online and Youtube. Learn from other people's mistakes and successes.

 I did have someone standing by with fire extinguisher and I wore gloves, eye protection and full face shield while working with the packs.  Spot welding batteries can go smoothly and easy until IT DOES NOT!   I had no problems , but took my time and checked and double checked polarity, wiring positions, placement  BEFORE every weld. 

I will rebuild all my packs from now on,  but will try to maintain the same "sense of danger " as I did doing the first pack.







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Great !!! Now you could be in business !!! :thumbup:

When I'll need a battery relacement in the future, I'll first ask to you for a Rebuilt package B) 

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HOW sweet!   :shock2:.   I would be glad to offer pointers as needed when the time comes. 

 I only risk losing body parts for my own projects :w00t2:

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Do you know where to adjust the reported voltage or (over voltage signal) for the BMS?  I have one that reports the incorrect voltage (too high), I'd like to adjust it.  

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