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EUC to tame Minneapolis winter sidewalks?


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Hi everyone,

My experience: I've been riding EUC for about 3 years now; I started with a Ninebot One E+ then after about 1000 miles upgraded to an InMotion V8. I have over 2000 miles ridden total, but almost all commuting; I don't really practice tricks and stuff.

I use them to commute and I've tried to ride as close to year-round as I can, but the major limiting factor has been sidewalk ice buildup. I'm talking about the parts that never get shoveled all the way, then get a bunch of footprints frozen in, creating some serious ruts and rough terrain. I haven't felt comfortable riding over these areas on either the Ninebot or InMotion. I've tried my NineBot with lower tire pressure, which helps a little, but not enough.

Would the wider tire of the InMotion V10 be enough, or is the massive NineBot Z10 tire really what's called for? Is tire width or wheel diameter more important? Do I just need better technique? Ability to push through snow and general cold-weather performance are the other considerations. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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Generally for snow thinner tires are better.

If the tire is to wide then its more likely to "float" on the snow and make less hard contact with the ground.

Not sure if this is the same for EUC. As for the frozen footprints a wider tire is less likely to get caught in ruts. 

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