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What apps do you use with your wheel?


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Hi everyone, 

I was wanting to hear from members on what Apps they use on their phone in conjunction with their Wheeling..  Im always looking for better, newer or more feature-filled options so like to hear from others with what they use.  I am still waiting for my z10 to arrive, but in the meantime below is a list of some of the apps i use with my Android Galaxy S8 when im out with the MiniPro (how i commute every day).

S-Health - I use this for the running tracker to record speed, distance, calories lol, and route. I also can get speed alerts (not that its needed on the mini pro lol)
NineBatt - Monitor the Battery health of my Ninebot
Ninebot App - See vitals from the Ninebot and update/track my position on the scoreboards
Spotify - Helps me ride more fluidly 
Snapseed - Photo editor

I will be downloading Wheellog and trying to find a Pebble Watch in the next few weeks but is there anything else i should be considering?


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On Android.

  • Gotway app for changing wheel settings.
  • Wheellog for wheel stats like range, battery, speed, etc. From the Play Store for a "safe" version that can't change settings or the updated version from the forum here.
  • GeoTracker for saving GPS tracks of my rides and some nice summaries. It's not too accurate but does the job. Download: https://geo-tracker.org/geotracker-3.3.0-armv7.apk
  • Screenshot-20181014-175439.png
  • Geo-Tracker-2018-10-14-17-54-48.png
  • Google Maps or Openstreetmap for Android occasionally for navigation.
  • Camera for taking pictures!

Also there's:

  • Strava. Ride tracking for cyclists. I prefer simple and non-social apps so I just use GeoTracker.
  • MapMyRide was recommended and does something similar. Haven't tried yet.
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