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Kingsong KS18L


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Hi all,

This is my very first unicycle and I'm quite new to all that. Although, from the start, I'm seeing an issue that I believe shouldn't be in my KS18L.

At least, I haven't seen anything like that in any video-review of it. So I'll quote my description from this video down here:


It feels like little kicks, the ride isn't smooth at all. If you accelerate over 35kmh though, the amount of these is decreasing.


Any ideas what is going on?



My settings:

mode - expert

speed notifications 1 & 2 - 0kmh

speed notification 3 - 40kmh

pedal tilt - 40kmh

vibrations - OFF

total milage is ~80km

tire pressure ~42psi

my weight is about ~123kg (~270lbs)


Any ideas what is going on and how to fix it?

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No... That isn't normal at all!

Riding my 18L up to 40+ km/h shows nothing like that - in fact, the faster the speed the more stable the handling.

I would contact your local dealer and discuss your options.

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If you lower speed settings by 5 km does the wheel the same?

Just to check if it is the behaviour of speed tiltback.

If you don't feel this at all on lower speeds then I doubt this tips helps. Try letting out all air of tube. Then wiggle tyre and tube to inspire it is any folded or twisted. Slow inflate again in steps. Rewiggle as long as you can until tyre is tight fit on rim. Then inflate to your preferred pressure.

Otherwise I would talk with dealer.

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