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I have an elite ninebot that was inactive for a long time

I have regenerated the batteries with samsung 29E cells and the votage is now 59.8V
it seems that the battery is working well, but the elite ninebot does not start when I press the command button.

Is there any way to know if the pilot is broken, or if you can check the ninebot to know where the error is?


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If this is a PTR Elite try bluetooth re-pairing.

Pairing a Keyfob Tools Required: Phillips-head screwdriver  Paperclip


1. Make sure the PTR is powered off and the charger is not connected.

2. Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, remove the righthand screw on the charge port  

3. Insert a paperclip or similar tool into the hole that the screw came out of.

4. Momentarily press the button at the bottom of the hole.
NOTE You should see a red light in the hole.
5. Press the Power Button on the keyfob.
NOTE You should see the red light blink four times.
6. Test the newly-paired keyfob by using it to turn the PTR on and off. 7. Reinstall the fastener.

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