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How to shut off the speed alarm mini plus?

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On 10/11/2018 at 5:59 PM, Alex_from_NZ said:

Just unplug the speaker. You will have to take it apart but no wires, just a plug. 

Negative ghost rider! There's no visible plug that could see to disconnect the speaker.i believe it is soldered to a the board.all point are fixed with solder.i had it apart today cuz I was on a mission to eliminate.this nuisance noise! And low and behold no wire I could cut.couldnt see an easy way to even get the speaker to move without dismantling the entire steering arm.i removed the trunk compartment side.with 8 screws after carefully lifting the black rubber insert.im thinking about dismantling the steering arm so I can see if there is a way to disconnect the speaker entirely or maybe access thd speaker and fill it with hot glue or somethng! Anything! Just STFU! Please!!!if I do I'll taKe step by step pics and post it.

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