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Tg t3 problems


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Sort of I put up a videology in the link so everyone can see what I'm experiencing it stutters and turns off


Sorry, was on an iPad and missed the videolink the first time.  There are people on here who know heaps more than me.  Is it fully charged according to the charger light?  Have you checked the board and wiring etc.?

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Looks like the board is fried there's melted plastic all over it


imho the molten plastic is to prevent loosening of the contacts/parts due to vibrations and/or hinder the user from taking it apart.

Or do you see somewhere plastic parts missing (molten away) - from the fotos it looks like quite some amount? I could not see any heat stains on the pcb or on the components.

or all the connectors/ wiring ok?

can you measure the voltage of the battery pack?

does the battery pack charge normaly? (Just in case on battery cell died do not charge it unattended)

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