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Wikipedia Update For The EUC Forum


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I just updated the Wikipedia page for Electric Unicycles: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_unicycle

Interestingly the was no mention on the website of our revered Electric Unicycle Forum or an updated photo depicting a modern day EUC.

I added a hyperlink to the forum’s web site at the bottom of the page and also a photo of the Ninebot Z10. I figured it was modern enough. :) Wikipedia gets funny when attaching brand names to photos so I elected to just title it ‘Modern Version of an Electric Unicycle’.





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They really need to update their gallery. Also, strangely enough, there's no mention of any of the big three EUC manufacturers: Ninebot, Gotway, and KingSong.

I think the whole page is due for some updates if someone would take the time.

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