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Why does the average speed reset if you step off the MiniPro?

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I've been meaning to ask this for the last three years - if you step off the minipro after travelling some distance, then step back on (without having turned it off or anything) and travel a short distance slowly, the average speed shown in the app is the average speed you have just travelled since you stepped back on, not the average speed obtained by dividing the distance shown by the time travelled - should it?


I can't decide whether it's a bug or a feature, but I wish it wouldn't do that.  Occasionally I have stayed onboard when I should have got off and walked across a section of adverse ground, simply to avoid the average speed resetting.


Any comments?

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Interesting, i always knew it saw messed up, but i think for me when i had checked it on earlier firmware it did not reset the average speed, but simply didn't account for time you were not moving. So when you stop the time is still increasing, but your speed is zero which quickly lowers your average speed.

I have not checked it in a while, as i just ignored it after i realized it was no good for my usage. I rarely connect the app anymore as i hate it, but still need to do it at the end of each ride, and often at the start, or when i swap batteries. 

I consider it just a poor implementation.  Easy for the developer to divide two numbers, but more difficut to account for the pauses.  If they wanted to, they could fix it in a few minutes, but i guess it does not bother them. They are more interested in making the app more bloated with social media crap, and figuring out where they can prompt the user yet again for the same question. 

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I'd be happy if it showed the average moving speed, so when not moving (and/or when dismounted) the time stops counting, so the average moving speed remains unaffected.  That should be perfectly easy for them to do, but for some reason, they never have.

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