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Buying a Ninebot Z10 in the US advice?


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Hi everyone,

I have observed that distribution of the Ninebot Z10 since the announcement has been a little spotty? I am seeing that you can order them in the EU now but still no official source in the US. In my endless googling, I recently found them available on freemotionshop.com. When I contacted them, they explained that they are actually taking pre-orders and will be shipping on the 10th or 15th. When I asked why Ninebot isn't distributing to the US yet, they said it's probably because of the current 25% tarif imposed on these. 

Does this seem like legitimate information? I have seen a few bad reviews of freemotionshop's eBay account on here in the past, but they have been very responsive and seemingly honest. I feel a little in the dark about how Ninebot plans to distribute these. I'm down to wait on a legitimate source if it's somewhat soon. Any advice?

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1 hour ago, Jason McNeil said:

China is celebrating their 10 day National Holiday, where everything goes into suspended animation. 

I believe you intended to convey that China is celebrating their 10th National Holiday’. ;)

So pleased I was one of the Z-50 group. :cheers:  Now it is Z-25. With such short supply it may soon be Z-10. :o I know it must be frustrating Jason. Hang in there. 

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I met up with a few local riders and there were 2 guys that bought their wheels from Freemotionshop.com   They had very positive experiences and I'm looking to buy my second wheel from them.  I'm leaning towards the Nikola.

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