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IPS I5 newb help: soft feeling? FW issues?

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Hello peoples!

I got the IPS I5 a month or two back and it's my first wheel.  The first hour on it I wanted to throw it out but over the last few months I've gotten pretty comfortable on it.  Couple of questions!

 I've been having problems with the whole update the firmware for faster speeds things.  I've used several versions of the app as linked to in the email and in the other thread, and downloaded the firmware during the 12h window. Currently on the old IPS app, I can select 20km/h, 25 and 30! I put 30 but doubt it even goes that fast.  When I open the new app it only says max 20km/h.  Weird, have I messed up the wheel?

The more important question I have is regarding the feeling / horizontal angle / tilt of the wheel.  For me it seems to be weirdly soft sometimes, like after slowing down and doing a sharpish turn, the foot pedals seem to be tilted forwards for a bit, then come back up to level.  It also seems to occasionally feel tilted forward or back even when cruising.  Since this is my first and only wheel I have no idea if this is normal or just in my head, or is the accelerometer messed up?  In both apps I have it set to "Sport" mode, tire pressure around 60PSI now (started around 45). It makes me less confident on the wheel since it feels like the balance point changes sometimes and is unpredictable.

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Pedals tilting in curves is something that can happen from the "drift" of the tilt sensor. Do a recalibration (assuming that is possible on IPSes) where the wheel is not tilted sideways and also not moving (don't hold it still in your hand, lean it against something firm) and it should go away. Maybe that's your problem.

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Try playing with the horizontal calibration a bit, I had my set at a slight incline, so the slight drift never put the peddle in a decline angle which I didn't like. You'll also have to play with the tire pressure a bit, but once you get really use to the wheel you learn to adapt. I use to pump the tire every other week to keep it in the "optimal" range, but now I pump it once to a higher pressure, live with a twitchier wheel for a few day and let it settle, it is currently on the low side but I have been too lazy to pump it again.

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