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Freeman 132wh gyro issue (maybe)

Flying W

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I did some searching but couldn't find this issue.

My little freeman started feeling soft after practicing some fast breaking. Still worked but never felt the same pedal stiffness wise. I haven't been riding it much since getting a "real" EUC haha so I just figured it was getting a little worn.  

I took it to a soccer field so I could ride next to my dad who I've been teaching. He has a way better time on then16s and has been riding very well for only 4 trys. He can get on and off without a pole or wall and even rode up an embankment around a tree and back down (on the second try, first one the EUC got to the bottom before him) so I thought I'd get him practicing quick left right turning at walking speed or less.  

On the freeman it's easy to touch the pedal or your foot each time you go left to right but its a lot of fun on the 14in wheel. To my surprise as soon as you try this at 1mph or less the pedals dip so far forward it was like the final 45 degree "get off me" tilt that the 16s does when the battery is done taking you for a ride. 

The freeman will still make normal turns just fine, even u turns, but if you flick it from side to side like your almost doing a high step walking motion it just drops you off the front. I used to do this for 10 min at a time while trying to get better at balancing. This was the one I learned on and that maneuver really helped me to get better at balancing, that's why I wanted my dad to do it. 

I'm hoping the board is just a little loose. I'll have tomorrow off so I can open her up but is there anything else in should check? 

I'll check the capacitors too just in case that is what is giving its softer feel, which could be in my head since it was always really soft. Kinda always felt like the16s in learning mode. 

I dont think the board is bad since it does ride just fine, and that killer 3 ton4 mile range is still the same as when new. I bought it new in the box for 150 so not really wanting to put money into it unless it some thing cheap that I can solder at home. 

Any help on what I should be checking is much appreciated! 

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Sounds like a capacitor blew.. or melted off the board. It usually results in the sailing effect where the pedals tilt easier. And less responsiveness. My advice is to not ride this wheel. And dont yse it or repair it. Its garbage. Cheap. And will likely blow up one day. Cheap batteries usually only have small peices of paper seperating the cells to not short. If vibrated enough it could expose the batteries. To each other creating a short. And also just a general lack of quality and safety implrmentations...

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Thanks Shad0z, I'm sure it's best to part ways with this one. It served its purpose as a learning device. I'm going to miss my first wheel....its slow, has almost no range and the pedals are the size of baby shoes....but it was still the first!


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