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Chest protector, this looks cool

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On 9/23/2018 at 10:25 PM, SanDiegoGuy said:

The older version Leatt 3DF Body Vest (soft shell) often goes on sale. Same level of chest and back protection... (the version with shoulder and arm protection rarely gets a discount). However, I'm working on adding more shoulder padding using an EVS SB05 Shoulder Brace. (Leatt now makes a complimentary 3DF shoulder tee, but I'm still waiting on a better deal...)

The soft shell is nice and comfy. Also, It airs well and is easy to wash (remove pads). Although, you can't match the hydration capabilities of the Hydra; then again, there are no hooks or straps to interfere with bringing your own backpack. Furthermore, unlike hard shell protectors, you can wear these under shirts (not just jackets). Overall, the 3DF pads are a bit rigid (closer to hard shell than 3DO) but still flexible.


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Works for me

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That chest protector backpack combo looks nice! If I had the extra funds for it, I'd order one in a minute.

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