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ewheels complimentary wristguards

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I too agree that it is a nice service by Jason to include the wrist guards. Although pretty tight they serviced me well on my many "learning" falls. I do actually like the design as I can wear my Apple watch for the Darknessbot app.

For anyone else who likes this style of wrist guard but need something a little larger I found and bought these in x-large and they are plenty big.


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I think I had knee pads and elbow pads come with one of my EUC's...don't recall which one.

I do remember that the knee pads actually bit into my knees, causing puncture wounds in both knees when I fell. Though it is nice to get safety gear included, maybe for very slow riding and learning, upgrading is pretty much a necessity.

I also liked my Triple 9 wrist guards, until I fell once and the stitching started coming apart. Triple 8 are made fairly well, with double stitching, but still did not hold up to my weight. Since I upgraded to demon flex, I have not tested them in a fall.


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I think it's a good idea.  It's not a good advertisement to have your customers injuring themselves before they really fall in love with your product.  It's also quite practical, because many people may plan to get safety gear, but they might be so excited to try the new EUC that they start learning before they have shopped for their safety gear or it is still in the mail.   I didn't get any with my first wheel, and I have not opened a recent one yet to see which ones he included.  I use the Flexmeter quite a bit, but I've 'road' tested the triple-8 and they work.  I've got several different ones as sometimes I need to wear them with gloves over, or under, or they work better with certain clothing, etc.  I like testing different ones when I'm on the slower machines as I don't have to worry as much about having the best ones on those circumstances.

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