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Jack Frost

MSX customizations-sharewhat you’ve done

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4 hours ago, szaroczek said:

That's strange... I rather believed all the Chinese "people" selling MSXs get these from the "Kebye" factory with battery packs already assembled and installed in the cars by their maker...:unsure:

That's the way i'd assume it should happen, too. But if there is money to be made by selling such "high quality" battery and replacing them by cheaper packs it could easily happen...

... or there are different versions for different markets or kebye just changes cells depending on availability and market price?

Who knows - vast possibilities for speculations...

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Hi again. 10 minutes ago I got my MSX! Does it look like green Panasonic NCR18650B cells which the distributor declared were inside...? :lol: So, eventually you were right they must be red Sanyo NCR18650GA. Didn't open the packet more 'cause it is not likely other red cell model could be there, right? BTW, few days ago received my MSX's bms. Now buying the cells and soon will be ready to roll! :efee8319ab:


ogniwa w moim MSX.jpg

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:popcorn:Anything is possible, but the history of these packs says it is highly unlikely.


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