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Airwheel X3 Lean/Tilt Normal or Gyro Controller Failing?


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Hello EUC Forum community,

I'm new to this forum and also new to riding EUCs.   I purchased an used Airwheel X3 170wh one week ago, learned to ride it in an afternoon, and used it to travel 3 km back home to save money on public transit.  I've been hooked ever since, ride it everywhere now, and even had a chance to meet other EUC riders in Toronto, Ontario, Canada this weekend during a local Facebook group meet & ride.

My question for other Airwheel X3 owners, and EUC riders in general is, is it normal for a EUC to be slightly tilted back at rest when you first turn it on? I attached a picture.

After leaving it on for a few minutes, it almost levels out, https://i.imgur.com/OnF7yaD.jpg

but it still always feels slightly tilted back when riding it.  I'm wondering if perhaps the previous owner damaged the gyro controller, it's failing, or this is normal for this model?  Is there supposed to be a "forward" and "rearward" direction to a EUC?  From my research, I believe my Airwheel X3 170wh was manufactured September 16th, 2014, serial number 502.

I also wish to say that I really appreciate the quality and depth of the knowledge shared in this forum by community members.  The "how to ride" videos are great and really helped me learn to make tight turns around traffic cones, balancing, and taking off from a stop.  I am already researching buying a bigger, more powerful & longer distance wheel.  I love my Airwheel X3, but it's much too slow for my needs.  Cyclists are passing me, and I'm always riding the limiter with beeper driving me nuts. 

Thanks in advance!

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

From reading about airwheels, it seems they don't use an app to calibrate the pedals, but instead two wires inside are shorted together among other steps.

Some wheels don't have a front or back, but even the ones that do can be ridden facing either direction.  Try riding with the pedals tilted down and see if you like it better.

What is the QR code for on the shell?  Probably just goes the the website, but maybe they started using an app.

Here is a forum post that tells how to calibrate the pedals, also you can google it to find videos.  https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=65029#p976576


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Thank for your reply Steve. That forum post/link is very detailed and helpful.  I did not know it could be possible to recalibrate the pedals.  I may give it a try. 

Personally, I like the pedals tilting up a bit because I feel more secure in thinking that if I came to a quick stop, I wouldn't slip off as easily.  Does that make sense?

The model number https://i.imgur.com/kuFGZNY.jpg  X3170B140916502.



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