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How to disable speed alams

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I have recently received a MSuper X and after a time of riding around with the speed warning sounding I have decided I'd like to disable the alarms, or at lease set them to a speed where they are not constantly sounding. I have installed what I believe is the official app and it connects to the wheel successfully but I don't seem to be able to modify the alarms. While there are options called "Disable First Alarm" and "Disable Second Alarm" and when tapped these options display the message "send a success" and the wheel "beeps" in confirmation however the alarms still sound. How is one meant to disable or modify the alarm settings?



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I have recently purchased a 100v Monster from ewheels. I am having the same problem with the app. Turn them off and still get the beeps. Been trying to figure it out for 2 days now. Jason at  Ewheels recommended downloading wheel log app on a android device and disable it that way. I’m gonna give that a try tomorrow. Hopefully that will work.

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