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Solowheel website gone?


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Hi,  I am brand new to electric unicycles.   I don't know anyone personally that has one.  I saw one on the street, did some web searching and bought me a Solowheel Glide 3 off the internet.  It just arrived and I tried to go to the SoloWheel website and it appears to have been taken down.  When I try to register on the App it never emails me the required verification code.   Does anyone know what is going on with Solowheel?  Thanks.

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I'd assume it's just a server issue. Solowheel as a brand is kind of dead, but the wheel and app is by Inmotion and should definitely work.

Are you using a "Solowheel" app? Maybe the Inmotion app is the right one, I'm not sure, Solowheel app might be discontinued. You can try.



@Jeffrey Scott Will has some info maybe?

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Yes, I bought a Solowheel G3/Inmotion V8 a few weeks ago from ewheels.com and also found the same thing... the Solowheel website gone and the app not working.  I use the Inmotion app and it works fine.  I read an explanation for why they use the Inmotion brand on the V10 but not on the V8 and it didn't make much sense to me, especially since there is an Inmotion USA company.  Go figure.   I love the product though.  

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I had the solowheel app working on my phone and then........ got hung up so tried to log on...  would not work... hit forgot password? and that was a week ago.. nothing 

Love my solowheel G3 but not the app


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