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WTB used One S1


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Morning, all.

So I'm relatively new to these forums and to the world of EUC, but I'm far enough in to have determined that I'm done being limited by my S1, and have already pursued a KS-18l.  You'll note that the subject of this post is "Want To Buy", which seems odd for someone who is about to be done with their own S1.

I have 2 stepsons that have expressed a deep interest in wheel mastery.  I've already begun teaching them on my own S1, which will likely be handed down to one of them, and I'm looking for a second one for the other.  Alternatively, if you guys have recommendations for super cheap beginner wheels I can get 2 of without breaking the bank, I'd welcome any suggestions.  The latter option would also allow me to keep my S1 for short jaunts to and from the local EV charging station.

In any case, I'd welcome any help you guys can offer toward starting my local unicycle gang.  Cheers!


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i’ve got two i’m selling that with taxes and the optional pads on them, which u would want, i only have like 360 invested, got an s2 that i have (batman model) with factory pads i paid $740 for and a e+ that was a steal at $359 all on the chopping block. 

selling my 18s (biggest battery one 1680 i think same on the 16s 840wh)i got for $1700 and my 16s for $1070 and i’m gonna try and get inmotion to ship my waterproof wheel to whoever buys it for $1440. i’m not losing a penny on this transaction because of principle, them shipping me back the wrong wheel.

all bought new and one owner/rider me except for the inmotion mix up.

all only gently used up and down my 1/3rd mile driveway. except my padded up 18s i took in the pasture a couple of times.

anybody interested pm me and i’ll take current pictures and screenshots of the vitals and maybe we can work a deal. 

i’m just gonna be an exclusive z10 owner and getting a couple of more for guests so these others, which are fine wheels, will rot.

here’s a pic of one of my cute little s1’s.


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36 minutes ago, Zhut said:

I don't think I have enough karma to PM people yet.  Do the S1s match?  How much would it be for both of them if they do, all in with shipping to the Midwest US?

yes they match but one has a few more miles on it than the other one. one is barely used at all. i’ll take current proof of life photos and screenshots of vitals  

pls give me a zipcode and i’ll shop shiping rates.

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geez, the shipping rates are ridiculous and these software designers and or companies have made it much harder to shop rates than it used to be,

ups is quoting like 52.85 per wheel. hopefully i can beat that. i have one box but i’ll probably just get a new shipping box and just bubblewrap everything real well to save on shipping costs. 

i’m thinking i can get those to u by whatever best shipping quote i can get for $600 total. 

the wheel with the 9bot bumpers on them are a little over 27 pounds btw.

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46 minutes ago, Zhut said:

I think you've captured my interest on the pair of S1s.  I can be ready to pay by Tuesday.  Let me know how you want to proceed.

ok great. hopefully u will be able to use the pm thing soon so we don’t have to discuss personal stuff publicly, like ur address.

i’ll try to start getting them ready tn. probably use fedex. they are all in lockstep now price wise. i could ship 50 pounds back in 2002 for $15. now my 18s will cost $75 to ship.

pls be patient, i’m working a $20mil deal on tuesday, not like i’ll get any money for awhile, but i still have to have that mtg. wednesday sb a good day for me and Bob to get ur wheels shipped to u. i’m pretty positive u will be happy. 

originally i bought two thinking they were such a loss leader, if necessary i’d cannibalize one for parts if necessary. the replacement battery was the same price of the wheel.

i’ll document everything with current pictures and go over both of them closely and take pics of blemishes if there are any. 

u can have my solar shorts too for protection. i’ll probably put them on them for a little extra protection shipping anyway. very easy on and off and good for new learners.

here’s my dual heat pipe chimney protective cover on my s2: might look funny but works really well.




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if u were smart enough and brave enough, there’s a thread on here about unlocking the speed to like 18 mph. they are identical to the s2 but just detuned and the s2 can do 15mph. my crazy e+ will do 18mph if it’s in the mood and i haven’t  modified it. a wheel that’s omly suppose to do like 13.5 mph, it kinda makes me nervous.

so with these rates like this, i’m thinking $350 shipped in the usa for the e+ SOLD.

$1500 for my 210 mile unlocked 18s 1680wh with jason’s 5amp fast charger shipped

$900 for the 75 mile 16s 840wh shipped but sale pending locally.

$550 for my batman s2. really don’t mind keeing one light wheel just to check the mail. at least switching over to all z10’s they’ll be easier to carry one in each hand. talk about shoulder injuries.

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since i started here,

everything is sold except for:

kingsong ks-18s 1680 wh

9bot 1 s2

and idk what is gonna happen with the v10f but ups is coming by shortly to take it back to inmotion usa and i don’t want it back on my property. morally i don’t want to sell it to anybody either.

against ian’s advice, the 9bot z10’s will be my only wheels(when i get a couple more).

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