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hAppywAy presentation and survey request


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Hi guys, 

I'm Flavien 27 years old I live in Montreal for 6 months now. I'm french (BAGUETTE !!) and I'm here to broke my habits. I fell in love with wheels only some months ago and I'm still looking for new riders in Montreal. I wanted total freedom when I left France, I found it in euc.

I own a InMotion V5F+ and I've got some troubles when it rains. I think I should go to InMotion forum to get more resources about it.

I am currently studying the market of euc. If you could help me in filling this form that would be very appreciated :) https://goo.gl/forms/KUwzJYkPsFlCC8Tj2

See you soon guys and thanks in advance


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Your survey questions lean toward riders with only one wheel...

For example, "What wheel size do you own?"

Questions like this need to be multi-choice - using this same example, my answer should be 14" 16" and 18"


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