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9bot mini skid plate/headlight/hitch setup

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I've been working on a setup with some combined utility.  A skid plate, as I use this all over the farm, headlight at a good height for being able to cast light across a field, battery holder and hitch for trailer.  

I worked with scrap I had, so it has character, but it's come together to fit my needs.  The battery counterbalances the headlight setup, so no runaways from weight distribution.  Skid plate setup does not get in way of feet or engage the foot pad pressure sensor.  Still working on the final touches and the trailer.  




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Wow mate, that is a very different application for the Mini than most of us would be used to.  Very cool!

What tires are you using on the farm?  How do you find them?  I just changed over to the Hybrid AT tires and find them much more sure footed off-road.

How much weight are you usually pulling in the trailer?   My mini isnt very quick in heavy grass, especially when you throw in incline into the mix as well.  You can really feel it struggling and standing on your toes sometimes has negligible input, do you sometimes use the light pole as a control stick, ie push forward or pull back on it? 

And i have to ask.. How useful is this really?  Is there a reason your not using a quad bike (very common here in New Zealand, although we are getting more and more ATV Ninjas and the like now as well).  I like it, i just wonder how practical it really is..


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Thanks Alex

I'm running the stock tires with low psi and it handles my terrain well enough but the hybrids are nice and if these get a puncture I'll probably go that route.

And it's been very useful so far, and the whole contraption slides off from back by removing two front bolts. 

It's narrowness and light foot print fits well between row crops.  Running irrigation tape is a breeze with it.  The added height from the mini helps when pressure washing taller equipment.  Squatted down on it I can be very stealth in a field at night, I hit the spotlight and I can see whatever nuances have been eating crops

Trailer it's generally going to be used to carry a house battery, inverter and tools.



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Solid wheels sounds like a harsh ride but I could see the usefulness if you were riding it around a yard with nails and such.

Has anyone experimented with tow weight limits so to speak with the mini pro?  I see videos of lower watt hoverboards pulling people sitting on a chair with wheels.  Their weight is primarily over the wheels and they are on smooth surfaces such as pavement/concrete so that definitely helps.

My goal for a trailer is primarily to carry a 32ah battery and inverter so as to be able to charge while riding.  The skid plate I made has room to hold/protect the transformer and also protect against moisture and debris at connection in front.

My trailer is a repurposed baby bike trailer rated at 100lbs, base has a length of a little over 3' (about 1 meter).  I'm reinforcing the base to double the payload capability and add a solid floor.

I am considering making the length about double of original and using a heavy duty off road castor wheel centered at the back to distribute weight evenly across the trailer.

I'm thinking with a good rolling trailer and weight distribution I could pull 200-300lbs, but would like to know if anyone has already attempted this?



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