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WEPED (serious machine)...


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In the back of my head something has always bother me about high speed scooters. I just realized what it is . You are taller than a motorcycle and half as long. This is not good geometry for braking. I still want one!

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As a Dualtron Thunder owner, I have to say I'm rather unimpressed.

Thunder beats the RR in every important spec: Top speed, max range, power (which translates experientially mostly as acceleration; rarely actually run at top speed). Same brakes (hydraulic, can't say enough about true hydraulic brakes!!), large, wide deck, good operational lights (brakes, hazard, headlight). The Weped wins with much better positioned front lights for night riding, but that's about it in my opinion.

Finally, it's ugly (entirely subjective), and it costs $2,000US more than the Thunder.

Also, just got a seat for the Thunder, $150. It changes everything for the better in terms of stability and control at higher speeds (>20-25mph).

The Thunder is available in the US right now, $3,800.

Not  spokesman or rep for Minimotors, just a very satisfied, impressed customer. I'd love to have some Dualtron colleagues to ride with :D

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@yourtoys7, no dissing on you, just Weped. Appearance is highly subjective, so the fact I think its ugly means nothing.

I've had comments about how huge and ugly the Thunder is from Lime riders. Aesthetics have a lot to do with what you're used to, and therefore comfortable with.

Still, with the exception of the width of those tires, the Thunder's  a better performer, on paper at least.

Hey, whatever happened with your Dualtron II?

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@dwallersv no worries, all good. I had to return my Dualtron II and exchange for MSX, I had 2 main rides I guess (each little over 1hr.) and machine just shut down on me, overheated or electrical issue, dont no for sure, but one thing I can say, it is/ was an amazing ride when it worked, but I just couldn't trust it to go to work or just fun. Fast, comfortable and TON of fun... I hope to get one at some point again. Weped just look awesome to me (I dont no how it rides) but by looks alone is an 'A' for sure :))

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Yeah, both you and Esper had some pretty bad experience with the II. I wish that hadn't gone that way, as it's always troubling to hear such things, and more fun to have other enthused brothers :D

I've had a near perfect experience so far with the Thunder. I've got almost 400 miles, and it's been rock solid with just 3 problems, none of them anything serious (one flat, loose banjo bolt leaking a little hydraulic fluid, electrical problem with the bling lighting after the handle smacked the pavement pretty hard).

So, if you get a longing for another Dualtron, I'd highly recommend skipping the wimpy versions and just go for The Beast.

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