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Iowa, USA - best riding in the cities


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I'm located about an hour from both Des Moines and Iowa CIty, more or less. Quite used to driving a piece to get anywhere. While there's a good bit of dedicated bike trail in my rural area, I would like to explore the DSM or IC areas by EUC... I just don't know where the greenspaces are that might provide EUC-friendly riding areas. Can anyone provide some good places to start out in Iowa? I love exploring parks, and such but don't want to be a nuisance or run afoul of the law. On that note, what is the opinion toward motorized personal transports in Iowa (if any)? Thanks for any input! 

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On 9/5/2018 at 3:58 PM, Seware74 said:

I'm located about an hour from both Des Moines and Iowa CIty

Near Pella or Marshalltown???

I went to school at Central College. I would have loved to have had an EUC to go to town to get my Dutch lettters at Jaarsma's. Alas, I was born a half century too early. :wacko:

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Grinnell...which has an active biking community and many miles of trails I will definitely ride.  I just figured I might find more EUC-interested people in iowa city and des moines. But don't know those areas well.

I'm not as huge a fan of Dutch letters as everyone else in the county but I do love those cherry donut holes... cannot resist. :rolleyes:

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Hey, I'm about to purchase my first wheel, I'm in East Des Moines (Pleasant Hill), Iowa.

Still trying to decide what I want to get. I'm stuck between a KS-16S, KS-18XL, or a V-10F. 

My primary hobby is flying Paramotors, and I want to use the wheel to get around the airfield during fly-ins and run to the corner store and back. I'll likely ride for fun as well when the weather isn't good for flying. I know I don't need a lot of range for that, but I don't want to buy a wheel and outgrow it too quickly. But I'm also worried if I go with the heavier 18XL I'll have trouble learning on it. The 10F seems to be a good middle ground and it comes with a protective cover which should help minimize the battle scars from learning.

If you guys have any suggestions, let me know. Though by the age of this post, I'm not holding out too much hope that you'll get back to me in time. Happy riding!

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I’m interested in this too.  I assume an euc can be ridden on bike/hiking trails, here in Iowa, but has anyone confirmed this or had any experience?  Interested in legality of riding on city streets too.

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