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V10F tire pressure?

Elder Meat

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With just under 2 hours of riding (ever) under my belt, I'm starting to think 40 psi may be too low for asphalt use. As a beginner I could be totally off, but it seems like the tire feels a little mushy when it comes to lateral movement. I plan to try 45, then 50 psi to see what the difference feels like. I'm 167 lbs. So what pressures are you running? 

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I thought I updated my original post. I checked my tire pressure and was surprised to learn after three weeks it went from 40 psi to 25. That would explain why it felt so mushy. :)

I reinflated to 40 psi and continued to practice with that. Dunno if it's my wheel but I have to top off the pressure every week. After several weeks I felt 40 psi was too much for a beginner like me, and 30 psi was a better choice. (That chart BTW, suggests 36 psi as my starting pressure.) Using 30 psi I need more initial speed to get onto the wheel but it makes the transition to staying on (rather than aborting and trying over) easier. However once I get above 10 mph I start to experience wobbles. So maybe trials at 35 psi is in order.

I am but an egg.

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wow thats low, but Im heavy. 45psi on my v8 after trying just about everything. holds pressure fine for weeks on end. had 2x ninebot tubes drop pressure, both were fixed with $2 valve replacements at the bike shop. both had glass or thorn punctures within a week. third lasted another 300kms before I upgraded to v8, has gone a bit flat after sitting for 3 months but v8 has only been topped once in 3 months and 450kms... 

Ridden mountain and BMX bikes for years and find the smaller tubes tend to be a bit touchier (pressure holding) and much easier to burst. Quality/brand or surface area thing...? and pressure is always personal preference:conditioning with general rules of softer for softer surfaces and harder for harder surfaces. experiment and if it feels great one day then record the pressure, it mighta dropped to its goldilocks zone :)

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Also, over time and with increased skill I find my feet creeping forward and toes going further over the pedal, speed and maneuverability get better each time, braking suffers none! Also clench your butt if youre getting wobbles. Advice from my physiotherapist partner, it really helped with stability and straight posture. now Im doing the skater squat with slightly bent knees to work the hamstrings that are going to be harvested for my knee reconstruction. it really works, and is one of my many responses to the general pedestrian attitude here that riding is somehow lazy :) Eventually you can compensate for any foot position and shuffle your feet on the fly, so itll change anyway as bits go numb or get sore.

Oh yeah, my learning mantra for steady ride and keeping arms down was "coffee and bagel! coffee and bagel!". Same as learning to drive, if passengers have to hold on then youre being too rough. spill your coffee or drop your bagel and youre flailing too hard:)

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