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What's the top speed on the Glide 3 for a 200 pounds rider?


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I get the rated 19mph and I've occasionally seen stats after a ride showing that I got slightly over, 19.3 or around there.  I go about 205lbs, I can usually get at least 12-15 miles where I've got 3-5 bars (in blue) on the battery.   It starts to moderate speed when the battery drops below what into yellow/red.  I've not gone quite 20 miles, but I think I could get that riding conservatively.  

InMotion claims 45-50km, or about 30 miles.  wWheels has it at 24 miles on their comparison chart. Hopefully this helps you.  I love this wheel, it's a blast and I'll have it for a long time.  However, I have been thinking about a v10.  I don't usually want to cruise at 20+ mph, but I do in bursts.  I want to easily pass scooters and bikers when the mood strikes.

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