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IPS191 Lhotz Bluetooth Connection Problem


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I've had Lhotz for about 3 years now, used it for 2 years and had it stopped for 1. I just started using it again but before I had the IPS app for iOS and now I'm using Android and can't get the app/Bluetooth to work. I tried some links I found on this forum but I couldn't open the file, I finally downloaded and installed an unlock version someone posted here and I opened the app but when I turn my Lhotz on, the app doesn't find any device. 

Am I doing something wrong or there's a problem with my Lhotz Bluetooth connection?



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Hi @Walter and welcome to the forum. 

There are several versions of the IPS Android app, with varying levels of connectivity depending on which "edition" of the Lhotz you have. 

If you can post a screenshot of the app, we can start working out whether it is the right version for your wheel. 

It would also be worth trying to search for your wheel using the standard Android Bluetooth app - you won't be able to connect, but it would confirm that the Bluetooth is active on the wheel. 

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