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Ninebot ES1, any give on the front wheel?


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I've noticed that my front wheel has some "give", meaning if I hold it down and twist the handle bar, the handle bar moves about 0,5 cm to each direction. And while I twist it, there's distinct a "whirling" sound. 

Does anyone elses Ninebot ES have the same? Or is yours sturdy as a rock? :)

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6 hours ago, ionbrain said:

You should remove the bottom screws and add lock washers to the bolts and retighten it.

this is a common issue with the bolts vibrating loose all the time.

That sounds like a plan... But which screws are you referring to?

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The 4 screws holding the vertical pipe.

2 in front of the pipe and 2 in the rear 

if you can't tighten it and remove the shaking then add a thin layer of tape (electrical works well) and 

put the pipe back on and screw the 4 screws down.


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There are also 4 screws at the top, just below the T-Bar (handle bar)

They all tend to loosen over time with the high amount of vibration. Its best to get lock washers and install them when possible.

Since some of the screws are flushed.

You can re add the blue glue Thread Loctite liquid. The Original one used is so weak it fails and needs to be applied again.


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