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Mten3 questions

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Hi guys, I'm looking to possibly order either the mten or a different wheel. I like to know from users if it can sustain 20mph cruising. I have a king song 14s and that'd go to my daughter.  The 14s has a speed of 18mph on full battery and steps down the max speed as battery depletes . I want to be at least as fast to keep up with the 14s but also want something that goes a bit faster if I'm buying a new wheel. I really like the fact that it's so small and portable. I ride mostly bike paths/trails so not worried about going over rocks.

Specs says 25mph cruising but can we ever believe 100 percent the specs. Marty if you can chime in I know you love yours. 

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I have had an Mten3 for about 4 months. Its definitely fast! Gets scary after 18 mph. I've only had it up to 20mph. Best for very flat, very smooth roads, like a large mall parking structure, could easily get up to 25mph. The small tire can quickly grip a groove in the road and veer in that grooves direction. Sloped roads (not inclined, but rounded for rain run-off) also no fun as the flat profile of the fat tire will not stay level, but will right itself to the angle of the road. Acceleration is very fast and corrections/ recovery reaction is near instant. Great trick wheel. Definite learning curve for fast riding. 

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Crazy thing is in Vegas the bike paths are rarely used so its smooth as hell and none is on them. So the tire has a flat profile and would veer to the slope of the road? That kinda sucks  because the trails that follow the rain washes out here are pretty sloped. The 14s do well and you don't feel the angle at all

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> I like to know from users if it can sustain 20mph cruising.
If you want to cruise at 20mph, you do not want to do it on the mten3.  I quite love the mten3, and it _can go fast, but this is a bad wheel for sustaining 20mph - far to twitchy.

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