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MSuper X 60v vs 84v

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So I ordered a MSuper X from Green Fashion and after much anticipation it has just arrived, however while I had thought I was ordering the 84v variant I am disappointed to discover what has arrived appears to only have a 60v motor. I was only aware of the 100v (1240Wh) and 84v (1600Wh) versions and was sure to ordered the 1600Wh version (as I really need an extended range wheel) and didn't even realise a 60v (1600Wh) option existed. Upon closer inspection I see the listing does indeed state the voltage as being "Voltage:> 60V". The power output is still listed as being 2000W though.

As it is I'm a pretty hefty guy and max out my KS16s all the time so decided to order this wheel after reading all the positive reviews about how much power and talk this motor was capable of delivering. I ordered from Green Fashion in particular as they seem to be the most reputable supplier I have access to but I am now concerned about the comparatively low motor voltage. Is this something I should be concern about? I am most disappointed to discover this.

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Cool, thanks.

I was willing to dismiss the marking but it was more the fact that Green Fashion them selves listed it as having a 60v motor that unnerved me.

Anyway, in another thread I was told to check the charger out put (which says 84v) and ensure there are 4 pins on the socket (which there are).

So all good :thumbup:

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