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Z10 with MTen3 or Z10 with MCM5?


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If you have a choice of buying 2 EUC and one of them is a Z10, what would your second one be between the Mten3 and the MCM5?  

I just realized that I really want a handle for the Mten3 but it does not have it.  Marty has a video on puting one on as a mod but I rather have one built in.  

Then I recenly read on how great the MCM5 with 800 kw battery is and it also has a built-in handle so I now have second thought about getting the Mten3 with the Z10. 

Which one should I get with the Z10? 

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7 minutes ago, steve454 said:

MCM5!  The trolley handle is why

But the Mten3 is so light you can hang it around your neck or from your rear view mirror. :D

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1 hour ago, Marty Backe said:

But you really can't have other people make this decision for you because everyone has different criteria. It takes owning one or two wheels to start to develop a taste for what you like in an EUC.

I second this strongly. I had no idea how much getting my second wheel would open up my eyes to the rest of this little world of ours!

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On 8/24/2018 at 3:57 PM, Rehab1 said:

Tough decision. When I sold all of my wheels in February I decided to keep the Mten3. So much fun to ride and easy to hide. Now I am lucky enough to own the other wheels on your list and I would not part with any of them.

It basically comes down to your preferences. Are you looking for a highly maneuverable, light weight, low to the ground 10” wheel with moderate torque and range? Then the Mten3 is for you. Also with the optional paint sprayer attachment you can make money striping parking lots.  ;)

if you want an agile, stylish 14” heavier wheel with a trolley handle, an abundance of torque, higher ground clearance and adequate range that meets or exceeds most rider’s requirements go with the MCM 5. 

Where or which website do you use to sell them wheels? Thanks.

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I have the Z10 and an i5 and I like the combo of having one of the heaviest wheel and the lightest. Still love the i5 but the build quality is dubious, I actually got to try the Mten3 recently at the Nikola demo, oh my god what a weird wheel! I can see why @Marty Backe love this little guy, wholly unpratical here in NYC given the crater filled street scape but if we had nicer condition I'll probably be happy with that combo. Btw, it was so twichy and light, was it really realistic to ride 25mph on that wheel?

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