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In motion V5F+ pedals won't stay up

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Hi all,

I have had my v5f+ for almost two years and it's great. I don't use the trolley handle because it's pretty light but recently I've run into an issue.

Every now and then, the pedals would get loose and I'd tighten the bolt on the bottom and all would be well. Lately, however, that approach doesn't work. I can either tighten the bolt so tight that the pedals won't come down at all, or just loose enough that I can put down the pedals. If I do that, the pedals will loosen up after just a few times opening them, and usually make a sound like metal on metal until they do loosen up. I know it must be some worn out bolt but I don't know how to fix it.

It doesn't affect the ride, just carrying the wheel around, so it's not a huge deal, but id like to fix it.

Any hints would be appreciated.

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7 hours ago, steve454 said:

This thread mentions the two grub screws at the front and back of the pedals can be tightened also.  Maybe one or both fell out?  


This seems to have helped, at least for the time being. If it doesn't hold, maybe I'll try @Hunka Hunka Burning Love's suggestion to add some grease. Thanks!

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One more option that I remembered from seeing one of @Simon Tay's videos.  This was for a Kingsong 14D, but the basic principle might work on any wheel.  Ninebot one E+ uses magnets.  Pretty easy mod, just have to take the pedals apart, and use double sided tape for the shell mounted magnet.  If you do this, you can loosen the bottom screw and flip the pedals open with a shake of the trolley handle, pretty cool demo at the end of the video.  


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To those finding this post looking for a solution:
You do not tighten the pedals on the middle screw, it is used to fasten the rod through the pedal.
The pedals gets tightened by the back and front screws, the tighter the screw, the more friction (the white part at the end, pushes against the rod) and the pedal will stay up, make it too tight, and it wont budge.
So loose pedals are fixed on all inmotions up till V10f (I have not touched newer) with small adjustmensts in a short time.


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