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PROPOSAL: Change name of euc to Synth-wheel!!!


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Hello, I love my KS16, and my ninebot S2. But I think it’s time we changed the generic term for these devices. Electric Unicycle does not do these rad technological devices justice. It is a clunky name and is, quite frankly, dorky. 

When people gasp in awe when they see me riding it and ask me what it is, I always have to put on my pocket protector and say, “It’s an electric unicycle, mam.” We can do better.

I play synth wave music through my wheel all of the time. It’s a space age electronic device with sexy colored lights. Why not call it a Synth-wheel? That’s what I call it when people ask, even though there is no such thing. 

Help me start the Synth-wheel revolution. I stopped a street poet in New Orleans and had him write me a poem:




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