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Inmotion V8 Lost Gyro ?!

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Has your inmotion v8 already lost the gyroscope?

I experienced in 2 times lost the gyro after get a bump... In first time I got it jump and only the v8 crash and in the second time I was speed up (30km/h) and I fell and broke my foot and the V8...

Its very strange the reaction of the V8 when get a bumps... Friends told me that this occurs and that I should take care of with high speed..

Somebody else?





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It is not quite clear what "lost the gyroscope" is supposed to mean exactly.

In general, going over bumps is a rather delicate riding skill which most people need to practice quite a bit before to master it at any speed.

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I think the V8 is prone to these gyro issues when the wheel receives a sudden jolt.  I think I experienced the same thing on my Tesla.  It’s almost as if the gyro loses orientation and the wheel is trying to find it again by oscillating.  I’d advise to go at lower speeds when traversing moderate bumps.


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