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eWheels Faulty charger?

Jack ex-KS

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Just wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing, @Marty Backe has reported his fast charger does about 97% whilst my friends is also around that.

I am however doing 78%

Completed my second charge only 78 percent, i think the first charge was also the same, the charge was definitely low. 

On the website it shows a reset button:There is no reset button, however I have an on/off switch on the same side as the amp and percentage charge toggles. where is yours located?

Also: regarding the 110v and 240v, im in canada so i need 110 but is it when that i can see its 110v text that thats the 110volt setting or is it when i cant see it its on the 110v setting?


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Normally what you see is what you get.  Although with padded bras it can be very deceptive!  :furious:  This switch is set to 220V.


Do you have the regular charger?  You could try doing a 100% charge on that to compare.  Maybe contact Jason at Ewheels for further instructions.  I hear he’s been known to help people out sometimes.   :whistling:

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UPDATE: I'm pretty sure my charger is faulty. Just plugged in my friends fast charger automatically jumps to 83.5 volts, whilst mine starts at 79.6volts and slowly hovers up, not sure if it will even reach 83volts.

Charging my wheel right now most likely will be able to get a full charge from this.



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