I would like to share some knowledge about the motors and the controller firmware (found this on my EBike motor, while developing the firmware for it for the EBike motor controller): My Cute 85/Q85 motor hall sensors signals aren't exactly at 60º each change!! The time between each pulse have some relevant difference and I was considering on the firmware that the time was always equal --> 60º... so after I found this issue, I decided to depend only of one pulse that happens at every 360º, and works well!! The motor is quitter, I think more than the original firmware and the power supply voltage don't change/rise like what happens with the original firmware!!! I bet original firmware is doing as I was, considering every pulse of 60º while they aren't. I am really happy that I found and understood this issue, was very strange before, even with original firmware, to have the motor rotating and see the power supply voltage increase with the increased motor speed!!
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