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Arduino x Hoverboard

Steven Lim

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3 hours ago, Steven Lim said:

Hello , i want to ask , is it possible to control the hoverboard motherboard using an arduino ?please help my final project , thank you

Welcome to the forum, I’ve moved your post to the Hoverboard section where it belongs.

I'm not sure exactly what you are asking to do? What exactly do you want to control - you are, effectively, asking if you can control a controller? 

It is, at least theoretically possible to replace the motherboard with an Arduino and do whatever you like.

At the other end of the scale you could easily use an Arduino to drive 2 standard radio control servos and use those to drive the tilt of the two foot plates thus simulating the rider. You would obviously need other sensors to detect and act upon what is happening or if all your looking for is remote control, forget the Arduino altogether and just use a standard model radio transmitter, receiver and servos.

Bottom line is that there are several discussions already about using Arduino to control Electric Unicycles - try searching on “Arduino” in the top right hand corner search window.

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