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What wheel is the highest quality externally?


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This is not the best quality wheel but, instead, the wheel you think looks best.

For the wheels I own, it is, hands down, the Inmotion V5. This wheel's appearance and feel is out of the 21st century, its quality is just amazing.

Interestingly, from a fit and finish viewpoint, my very ugly MSuper also has superb quality, with perfect joints, welds, etc...everything is pretty much spot on.

Bringing up the rear is my Segway S1. While it looks good, closer inspection pretty much shows it is slapped together, bad gaps everywhere, handle tilted, just generally put together poorly. Interestingly, the individual parts are superb but the assembly is poorly done.

The rest of my wheels fall between my V5 and my S1.

For wheels I don't own, I think the MCM5 looks the best and most futuristic, especially with the red carbon fiber, but evidently people who have actually seen the wheel aren't very impressed with its looks.

The Ninebot/Segway Z10 looks straight out of science fiction movie; the full-face helmets give it a dystopian appearance. I can totally see faceless cops on Z10's beating our asses for no particularly good reason, like being in Berlin and crossing the street against red while children are present.

Wheels that make you drool for appearance's sake?

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Segway Z10 looks cool for me. KS18s "elephant" looks pretty cool from the front and the back.

I have v8/s3 and that's also pretty good looking wheel however I'd prefer a shape like in z10, not so perfectly round as v8

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The gills on the mcm5

The classic singer sewing machine case look of the Kingsong 14B, C. Awesome Darth Vader helmet of the KS18s

The original gotway Msuper that looked like a steam radiator in shape.

I am hoping the IPS s5 comes through with the styling........................ so we shall see.............


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