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Anyone upgrading the Firmware even though it says GoKart specific?

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I haven’t upgraded yet and am a little worried as I saw that two people had bricked their Mini’s with it.  Now the Segway application has removed access to Fan Moments so I can’t see if anyone else has or has not had an issue.  Why they removed it I don’t know?  Why they posted a firmware we should not update to?  I don’t know that either.  Ha.

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If I remember correctly Eagle (or MRN76) told me that the 1.4.9 firmware doesn't self balance. MRN76's Dump Editor Ninebot allows generation of Minipro 1.4.9 firmware, but the selection is in RED ink. I would not use this until we know more about it...

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1 hour ago, mann said:

 now my mini pro goes clearly worse its like too sensitive and less controlable

In the settings menu of your app, under "sensor controls" you can set the "ride sensitivity" sometimes called "suspension". I find this helps to reduce the twitchyness of the latest versions of firmware (v1.4.0,1.4.1). Lower it to 20, or so. Same for steering sensitivity. But I haven't tried the newest (Go-kart?)  version (1.4.9).

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