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Handle button makes wheel speed up like crazy

Marco Diciolla

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Hi guys,

I am totally new to electric unicycles. I have recently (last Thursday) received my inmotion V10F. I am trying to learn now slowly how to balance on it. I have a couple of issue with the wheel that I thought some more experienced users may have already encountered:

  • LED lights keep flashing red. I cannot apply any of the light effect. I get an error like "Light effect failed";
  • What worries me the most is the fact that if I push the button on the handle bar, the wheel starts spinning like crazy until the wheel shuts down, instead of disconnecting from motor (which is what I guess it should be doing). This behavior scares me a lot because first I cannot trust the wheel 100%. What if it goes in that mode while I am trying to ride it?

Any idea on what I can do to test and troubleshoot the two points above?

Thanks a lot for your help

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Hi @Marco Diciolla and welcome to the forum :)

Can't say anything about the light effects (I disabled them). As for the handle button I have noticed that it does not always work as expected. The expected behavior is: Press the button and keep it pressed. You will hear a sound. After that you should be able to lift the wheel without spinning. The experienced behavior is: After hearing the sound the disconnection not always works reliable and so the wheel spins when lifting it from the ground. My workaround after hearing the sound is to push the handle forward or backward in order to know that the balancing and impulsion function got switched off and only then I lift the wheel. My wheel is still on firmware 1.1.6

I consider this a bug. If someone else should know that this issue may have been corrected in a future firmware I'd also like to know...

If this is your first wheel and you are learning how to go forward and how to do left and right turns you may consider to lower the speed limit to e. g. 15 km/h in order to feel safer in the beginning. Lifting any EUC that is switched on will show this "crazy spinning behavior" - so this is a normal behavior. All that is wrong with the V10F is this erratic (for me at least sometimes) malfunctioning button on the handle bar. :wacko: 

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