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Rent an EUC in Malta


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22 hours ago, realbizkit said:

I will be in Malta (Paceville area) for work in August and I was wondering if there was a possibility to rent a EUC for some days to make commuting to the work more enjoyable. Anyone knows about such possibility?

You obviously haven’t seen this thread then! 


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47 minutes ago, realbizkit said:

I have seen that article, that's how I got here. If somebody could grant me permission to contact members via PM, I would be able to communicate with @IPS Malta.

You'll "grant" yourself the permission by posting here and beeing a member - doesn't take too much.

And since @IPS Malta got that many notification you are "already in contact with him"

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Hi. I'm planning a trip to Malta with my friend this or next month. We would like to rent EUC there to do some sightseeing.  

I'm V10F rider and she rides V5F. However any EUC would be good to enjoy this trip. We can rent bicycles there, but it would be a way less exciting. 
I've already written to IPS Malta on his Skype. However in case if he'll respond that he doesn't rent EUC anymore or simply doesn't have them available during these dates, do you guys know anybody else who can rent EUC on Malta?  

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