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Unstable Bluetooth connection Iphone + Ninebot Pro

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I have a Segway Ninebot Pro and iphone 7 plus and my Bluetooth is always disconnecting and reconnect.

Today I receive an update information saying there is a new update with a message... "Segway Ninebot Pro firmware make adaptations to apple OS 11 and solve the unstable Bluetooth connection issue...".

I am on firmware 1.4.0 already,  the last one that shows on the list for Ninebot Pro.

Can anyone tell me what firmware is this that popup on my iphone and if is a safe firmware to update?


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I was upgraded to 1.4.1, and that version worked about as badly as 1.4.0. The upgrade seemed OK to me. What list are you looking at which stops at 1.4.0?

ps: You can tell I am a firm believer inthe old firmware, (1.1.7 and 1.1.9) which many members here still use, and IMO gives the safest rides. Others have reported that iPhone problem, though :) I am using Android, and I saw no difference in connectivity from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1.

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Inside the app on iphone 7+ I can see a list of firmware´s... I send you a picture. Maybe this list goes just to my firmware version! Now after  your comment I am confuse and I have no idea why the list ends in v1.4.0 if there is more firmware's for ninebot pro.

I am afraid to update because the reports I read related to new firmware's problems with disconnects and can cause crashes, but I need to fix this Bluetooth problem because in this moment it´s always disconnecting and connecting.   I move to Iphone 7+ recently, on my android all run fine. 

This message that popups on my ninepro says exactly this "Segway Ninebot Pro firmware make adaptations to apple OS 11 and solve the unstable Bluetooth connection issue...", but  don´t show what firmware version my ninebot pro will update to.


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