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Gotway MSuper Queries?


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Hi guys,

I've been wheeling around now for about 10 months and have a couple of queries about my MSuper V3.

I've become a very confident rider now and I have my first two alarms disabled. Does anyone know what speed the third alarm will come on at? I've not heard it yet.

Also, how is your top speed affected by battery power?

I'm quite cautious whilst riding at around 20% (Normally to get home). 

Any advice is greatly received.

Thank you


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I have the v3 with 1200w motor (1.gen v3).

The highest speed when measured by GPS app, I pushed it just above 42km/t before slowing down since i got continuous beeps. That was on tarmac with slight incline and my 95 kg.

But as I seen euguy fall at 45 km/t when he pushed the ACM over limit I stay safer now.

I heard rumors of both 46 and 47 km/t being the limit on my version.

But I don't feel the urge to push my luck so I stay under 40 km/t.

I'd rather buy a newer and stronger wheel if I want to go faster. 

Riding near/on the limit is not a good idea if you encounter potholes, stones etc. The stopping distance would also be long. 



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