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Replacement Battery Ninebot PTR Elite +

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Been using three  Ninebot PTR Elite + 's for over two years on a daily basis.  Great devices  and  have been very reliable..  One of my PTRs is starting  to overcharge on one side of the battery pack, so I assume  I will be doing a battery pack replacement in the coming future.  Has Anyone found a reliable China source for replacement packs?  Anyone try the Russian  pack rebuilders or  locate  reliable  rebuilder in the US?  I am concerned that local US sources are selling packs that have been setting in stock rooms or warehouses for years.

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I have not tried it, but the Russian pack on ebay looks pretty good.  i messaged him, and they are using good cells.  I'd go with the 630/660Wh pack they have.  i don't need a pack, but thinking about getting a backup/second one.  I don't know if there could be any potential problem with the BMS like for the minipro or not.

I don't use the Elite very much, i think i'm still under 100km.  I prefer the handling of the MiniPro and for range and speed i've been using the e-bike.  i do lik the slightly faster speed of the Elite over the minipro, but the noise and the handling counter that for me.  I like that I can control all the setting without a cell phone app.  I've never connected the Ninebot app to the Elite and probably never will.  

Still waiting to get more time on it to do a mini review.

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