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QUEST for programmer willing to add communication with Z10 to WheelLog software


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Dear Programmers / Developers.

Ninebot Z10 finally reached the market!  I have production unit since few days and I am looking for programmer/developer willing to help to add communication with Ninebot Z10 to WheelLog program.

which currently support only Kingsong, Gotway and Inomotion. 

 AFAIK  IOS app Darknessbot recognize Z10, but does not want to connect, so communication protocol had been changed since ONE E+ version....   

Would it be possible to for You to develop and add to Wheellog communication with Z10 ? - sources of WheelLog are available on GitHub,  initial request is only for pairing proces, basic data  to read  SPEED, BATTERY LEVEL, TEMPERATURE from the wheel, and optionally to send to Ninebot horn signal. 

I  can sniff what is communicated on BT  between Android ninebot application and  Z10 if instructed how to do it. (I have more than basic IT skills, but I am not the programmer myself)    I have also asked Ninebot to release basic communication details for Z10... but we do not know the outcome yet...

I can of course test alfa / beta version and provide feedback to You.   I have separate ready to use rooted android 6 phone (Galaxy Note 4) available for experiments.


Functionality of WheelLog (also with Pebble which is connected to WheelLog is shown here:


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12 hours ago, flashylightsmeow said:

how're you finding the z10?

I find the Z10 great!  I have around 15k km experience on various wheels,  so first day of riding I was.... disappointing  - riding Z10 require different body movements, on the first day wheel was riding somehow by itselves... if you want to turn left, wheel will turn right and so on... second day was better, third day fun factor came back, and each next day is even better. I have around 120km total km made this week.  

12 hours ago, flashylightsmeow said:

I know a programmer who creates apps who might be able to create something.

Please ask Your friend to get Wheellog application source code from GitHub, also please ask him to see the thread below to see how current development looks like  (so far attempts to get current developers interested in adding communication to Z10 did not bring results.

12 hours ago, flashylightsmeow said:

where abouts did you get your z10 from

Aliexpress - "green and fashion travaling shop"  (this how it is written)


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