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Ninebot ES2


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I have a Ninbot ES2 Scooter by Segway and I need to put a horn (claxon). I don't want a mecanic horn and instead I want an electronic horn with a button. Since I don't see any official gadget like it, do you recomend a good horn to me?

I'm specially looking for a horn easy to install and use.

Thank you.

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Hi there.
Welcome to the forum.

I see that you are interested in a horn for your e-machine. I personally use the Hornit [https://us.thehornit.com/the-hornit-db140-new] and it works really well. It is loud enough to get attention of a person talking on the phone while walking or driving in front of you without looking. I recommend it, and batteries are included!

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Thank you for this info, Esper.

But do you now a horn smaller than it? That's because it seems to big and aesthetically doesn't look well, in my opinion.

I have seen a lot of this kind of horn, but most of them are for bikes really, and I don't trust that bracket is long enough to get in the handlebar.

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Well, the hornit is the size of a small bike flashlight and has a plug in button that can be placed almost anywhere within the reach of the cable. If you want something really small, there is this ring bell I saw.
I use the Hornit on my Dualtron 2 EX. which is an electric scooter just like you. The cable is long enough to go around the thicker steering column.

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