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Long Range Expedition Wheel


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I spend more and more time out on my old MSuper in a middle Sweden, not much steep hills here.

What wheel would you guys recommend as an upgrade, for my 3-4 hours long expeditions in a wild:


ACM2 100V/1600Wh

MSX 84V/1600Wh

MSX 100V/1200Wh

Monster 100V/2400Wh 

KS 18L/1100Wh

KS 18S/1600Wh



1. My main concern is to get flat tyre in a wild.

Is any of this wheels are better protected then others?

Tubeless or not? Which one is easier to repair /replace tyre in a wild?


2. Another concern is safety, brand reliability.

Is any wheel more reliable, easy reparable in a wild?

Is it possible to replace broken controller out there?


3.Is any pedals are more comfortable than others?

There is no pedal suspension on any EUCs yet, but 

Bigger, wider wheel let you stay on longer, right?


4. Sometime you have to carry wheel around, over obstacles. 

Is it possible/doable to swap battery half way home?

This may allow a longer trips on smaller EUCs.


5. What is your experience of sitting on EUCs?

Seems like you getting comfort, but losing control?

Only MSX, Monster and KS18S has a seat, is that my choice?


Thank You for your expertise!


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Here's your wheel for a wildness expedition: a mountain bike with a few spare innertubes and a pump.

Wheels are urban vehicles; at the most you can ride them in parks where you're never quite far from civilization.

Here's what happens when you take a long-range wheel into the wild.


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