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GPS / Smartphone Use While Riding?

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Hello, I'm new to using a EUC (coming from an e-scooter/bike background). How do you guys use GPS navigation while riding? I'm used to putting a phone holder on a handlebar. I use Google Maps a lot for urban exploration and navigation. I tried searching the forums but I didn't see any good answers. Any help / advice would be appreciated :)

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Hi there!

Hmm. Options:

  • Stop, take out your phone, and look. Then go on riding. Boooooooooring.
  • Take out your phone and look without stopping. Because with our wonderful vehicles, your hands are free! This will eventually go wrong when you miss a curb or pothole, because you should always look where you are going.
  • I guess you could get an arm holder for your phone or affix it to your wrist guards (You use wrist guards, right?:efee8319ab:). Or get some smartwatch displaying navigation info from your phone.
  • Use the voice navigation that Google Maps offers. If you have a shirt pocket, that seems the perfect spot for this kind of usage.

What I usually do when I look at my phone (taking it from my pants pocket) is slow down to half speed or something so in the worst case, I can run off a sudden obstacle I missed due to looking at the screen. Stopping/stepping off is too uncool for a hands-free vehicle:efee6b18f3: Though I sometimes stop and grab a pole with one hand or lean against a wall (without stepping off) while using the phone.

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Thank you! I'll practice slowing down and looking at it once in a while. I may give that arm holder option a try as well (less chance of accidently dropping my phone), I'll strap it over my wrist guard and point the screen towards my body :)

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Life becomes easier and safer once you learn to yoyo, or even stop without putting your foot down, so as to consult your phone without the danger of hitting something.

Unfortunately the temptation to actually consult your phone is higher with an EUC due to the ability to keep hands free.

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On 7/31/2018 at 5:28 AM, meepmeepmayer said:

I guess you could get an arm holder for your phone or affix it to your wrist guards

I was holding on to this image to make some kind of joke... (Poor Man's Pebble?)


EZ to use while driving? (Can we please not make this a selling point in the advertisement?)

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I specifically wanted to be able to use my phone while riding. It only took me about 2 weeks to start to get used to it, and about 1-2 months to be totally OK with getting my phone out. Usually riding in circles as I use my phone. :)

I did fall 1 time in the beginning, I was in a park and hit a tree root. So, you have to be aware of your path. 

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